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Ms. Cindi Brooks
Mid South Prestress LLC
2949 Joe Dowlen Rd.
Pleasant View, TN 37146
(P) (423) 827-4848

Vice Chair:

The Goals for the Education Committee for FY 2013-14 are as follows:

1. Encourage all chapters to implement the "CSI Minute" as a complement to all standard AIA/CES programs given at chapter meetings. The "CSI Minute" should address topics of interest to all members that are a little more technical than the information given in the presentation. Topics in the "CSI Minute" could include:
a. Details that should be included on Construction Documents.
b. Common omissions in the coordination of drawings and specifications that effect the instillation or could imply change orders.
c. Are their Technical Representatives available to assist the Design and Construction teams during the project?
d. How are installers trained and or qualified? Who are the installers in the area (Hint, those installers should be at the meeting)?
e. Where and when in the area has this product or system been installed?

Each chapter and presenter should review the program and develop the "CSI Minute" specific for the event. Each Chapter is encouraged to encourage cooperation between the Education, Program, and Technical Committees in creating their "CSI Minute".

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