Robert V. Bishop Award

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Robert V. Bishop Award Information

This award, the highest recognition that can be bestowed on an individual from the Gulf States Region, came into existence at the Region Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in 1990. At that time Robert V. Bishop was honored by the presentation of a commemorative plague and medal as the namesake of the award, and the award was then presented to the first recipient. The Robert V. Bishop Award has subsequently been awarded to nominees who exemplify Mr. Bishop’s spirit of dedication and duty. This award may be presented to a member who has at least 10 years of continuous membership and has portrayed exceptional and meritorious service and devotion to the Gulf States Region and to the principles of CSI.

Mr. Bishop received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University in 1950. He began his distinguished career in Syracuse and subsequently relocated to Birmingham where he later served as City Architect. He joined CSI in 1958 and was a Charter member of the Birmingham Chapter, serving as its first Chapter President in 1959. In 1966 he was elected to the office of Gulf States Region Director. He was instrumental in chartering, inspiring, and vitalizing other Gulf States Region Chapters. He was also a featured speaker at the 14th Annual CSI Convention in Chicago, Illinois and in 1970 he was advanced to the distinguished honor, Fellow of the Institute.

Mr. Bishop was involved in CSI at the Chapter, Region, and Institute level and established a long lasting example of service to CSI. The Region owes much to Bob’s efforts during the formative years of CSI in the Gulf States where he was an outspoken advocate for MasterFormat and SectionFormat before these CSI documents were widely accepted as the Industry standard. He also was instrumental in writing the GSR Operating Guide and received numerous awards not only for his service to the Region but also for his exemplary work as a specification writer. Mr. Bishop served CSI throughout his lifetime and worked closely with other seasoned GSR members, sharing their combined knowledge and experience with others to build a better Gulf States Region. He was a mentor and source of inspiration to many members. After a long and prestigious career and 39 years of dedicated service to our Region, Mr. Bishop passed away on November 4, 1997.

Recipients of the Robert V. Bishop Award serve as the jury for nominees submitted for this honor. Their service continues to embody the dedication and life long service to the Gulf States Region displayed by Mr. Robert V. Bishop, FCSI, CCS.

Refer to Gulf States Region Operating Guide for the “Robert V. Bishop Award” guidelines for submission.

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