Eugene Wetzel Award

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The Eugene Wetzel Award

This Award may be given to a Gulf States Region member in good standing having at least five (5) years of continuous membership in CSI. The nominee shall have portrayed exceptional communication skills with CSI members and other members of the construction industry, using those skills to promote the Gulf States Region and the principles of CSI.
Only one award will be given in any one year, and the award may or may not be presented in any given year depending on nominations received and the qualifications and credentials of the nominees. The award shall not be presented to any individual more than one time.

Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the Region Awards Committee Chair by any GSR Region Chapter or any 3 members in good standing of the Gulf States Region. Approval of the award recipient is required by both the Region President and Vice President prior to a final decision to present the award.

Submittal guidelines:

  1. Submittal shall include a detailed written description of the reason this member is qualified for this award.
  2. Submittal shall contain examples of communications the nominee has produced. Examples may include oral, written, and electronic communications such as A/V presentations, speeches, letters, emails, reports, newsletter and magazine articles, and other similar communications. The number and type of examples is not limited.
  3. Submittal shall indicate the date of membership of the nominee.
  4. Submittal shall indicate the name of the individual as well as any title, registration, or certification that should be printed on the writing pen and plaque.

This award shall be presented at the annual awards banquet by the Region President and shall be in the form of an engraved designer writing pen, a distinguishable lapel pin, and a wall plaque. The pen shall be engraved with the member’s name. The plaque shall read:

Eugene Wetzel Award
For Communication Excellence
Year Awarded
Name of individual receiving award

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